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Weight loss holiday

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He trained his son Richie Woodhall to become the super middle weight boxing champion of the world, and 73 national champions…..Highly respected guy within sky sports and was a personal trainer to Ozzy Ozbourne to name a few.

I learned my program from him, and our customers can experience a nutritional program second to none, originally designed only and professional boxers.

Coach Michael has worked with over 2600 people, and he was mentored by Lennie Woodhall who is a world champion boxing coach who trained his own son from the age of 5 years to become the super middle weight champion of the world.

Michael has many skillsets, but he mainly specialized in weight management for Amateur/pro boxers who had to make the correct weight before their weigh in for the professional fight.

Michael understands where you are going wrong, why you cannot lose weight, and how to identify the correct path that allows your diet and body to work in synergy.

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